Multi-Factor Authentication from Duo

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ITCS is an authorized reseller of Ciscos Duo Multifactor Authentication solution.

Based on the zero trust philosophy, Cisco’s Duo Multifactor Authentication solution is a user-friendly scalable access platform that secures your business from ever-changing threats.

Duo’s multi-factor authentication by Cisco uses identity verification through a second verification medium, such as a token or phone. As a cloud-based solution, it can be integrated into any existing technology.

Because Duo acts as a gateway to your existing and future IT infrastructure, it’s the perfect solution for growing businesses of any size. Set up new users and support new devices at all times, and protect new apps almost instantly — without affecting old-type technology.

Duo can be added to any existing environment or platform, and its auto-enrollment feature makes it easier for users to install it.

Identifies in seconds

Protects every app on any device

Easy development in any environment


Did you know?

80% of security breaches include passwords.


Secure Remote Access

Cisco's Duo

Duo is integrated to secure any app or platform, so whether you’re adding 2FA to achieve your compliance goals or building a full zero-trust framework, Duo is the perfect addition to your security solutions.

  • Multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments
  • SAAS tools, critical infrastructure, custom applications, and even SSH
  • Secure remote access, VPN, BYOD, and even offline devices

Secure remote access with or without a VPN.

Easily set up access policies on a per-app basis.

Provide easy, secure SSH access.


Did you know?

45% of requests to access protected applications come outside business walls.


Security Policies for Every Situation

Duo allows you to create custom access policies based on role, device, location, and many other factors. An actual zero trust strategy changes the level of access or trust based on data about the user or device requesting access. It also restricts access only to users who really need it.

With Duo, you can set up detailed policies in minutes through a simple dashboard and manage rules globally or for specific apps or groups.

Each user has different conditions for accessing your apps, and Duo handles them all with ease. Locate the user location, device, role, and more at each login, set security policies based on these features, check for unauthorized access, and continuously monitor the effectiveness of the policy — all without interrupting your users’ daily workflows.

Protect yourself from potentially exposed or dangerous devices that have access to your apps and data. Apply a security policy to each device — managed or unmanaged. Duo allows you to set permissions based on the operating system and individual device settings and automatically notify (or even block) users when their software is outdated.


Simple, Secure Single Sign-On

Cisco's Duo SSO

With Duo’s SSO, users can connect to a single MFA-protected dashboard to access all their applications, both in the cloud and in the native.

Implement Duo’s SSO with the tools that your business employees actually use. Whether your apps are on-premises or cloud-based, they’re all conveniently built-in for easy access – and with Duo’s remote access policy options, you can provide just the right level of access for each.