Cloud Security Compliance

Cyber Security Services

Cloud compliance is the process of complying with cloud usage regulatory standards, as well as local, national, and international laws. To be compatible means that your organization’s cloud services follow all the requirements.

Broadly, cloud-level compliance includes:

  • Governance controls that help manage a company’s data in the cloud and provide clear policies on how to use (and how not to use) the cloud. Organizations should have guidance on organizing, sharing, and monitoring information about the cloud, owning and responsible cloud strategy, and how to expand cloud usage.
  • Legislation and regulations — globally, nationally, and state level— that also help shape compliance requirements in the cloud. It’s important to understand a country’s laws and regulations on cloud compliance, data detection and protection, and cybersecurity.
  • Some standards also describe specific guidelines for the proper handling of data within the cloud. For example, ISO includes cloud-specific security controls within ISO 27017.