Virtual CISO Services

Cyber Security Services

In an ever-changing security environment, it’s important to safeguard business data, including your business’s sensitive personal and financial information. Small and medium-sized enterprises now need the same level of security that larger companies already have.

We can protect your organization to the same level that you would expect from a full-time information security officer through the Virtual CISO service.

A virtual head of information security, or vCISO, is a professional who regularly works with organizations to provide all the necessary cybersecurity support one would expect from an internal senior within a more efficient and affordable service model.

vCISO conducts a comprehensive security assessment of your business to identify weaknesses and optimize its security in the long run. At the same time, it intervenes to establish security standards, implement controls and respond quickly to incidents, constantly improving your approach to dealing with threats by following industry best practices and regulations.

The vCISO service indicatively includes:

  • Security awareness training
  • Monitoring vulnerability management
  • Data Classification
  • Data loss prevention/plan implementation
  • Compliance initiatives in international standards
  • Design a security program
  • Compliance with international security standards
  • Implement a privacy program
  • Supplier contracts and risk management
  • Manage identifications and access
  • Design of security architecture and policy development
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Strategy and Policy
  • Information risk assessment and risk management
  • Audit Remediation and Audit Management