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Integrated management of services and facilities.

Field Service Management

User Mobile App

Connect the mobile partner app to your SoftOne ERP.

Calendar Web Application

Full control of your schedule and visits.

Form Builder

Create your own forms and questionnaires.

Task Manager

Manage the tasks you assign to your employees.


Field Service Management.

We combine one of the most reliable Greek ERP solutions with the appropriate software tools for integrated management of services and facilities of facility management companies.

Based on the functions provided by SoftOne ERP, we personalize and adapt to your needs an integrated field service management system to manage your facilities, customers, appointments, and visits.


User’s Mobile App

Connect the IOS and Android mobile partner app to your SoftOne ERP.

Users indicatively have the ability to:

>> View their appointments in a calendar format, which is instantly synchronized by the ERP

>> Modify, delete, and add appointments in direct sync with the ERP

>> Login/Logout, complete questionnaires, send photos, and access the details of their installation and visit also in direct sync with the ERP

>> Have access to the history of previous visits

>> Create tasks directly from the application or accept tasks from the ERP directly in the application

>> Work offline and synchronize their data when reconnected to the network

>> Directly synchronize in the SoftOne ERP the above data from each user who uses the application, in each installation, with a full history of visits, photos, questionnaires, and any other data you choose to receive from your partners.

Calendar Web App

Connect the web application calendar to your ERP to see the program and visits of your partners. Synchronize visits' changes and modifications instantly.

Indicatively, the calendar web app includes the following functions:

>> Visiting Schedule
>> Create Periodic Records
>> Program Printing
>> Checking remaining hours

The customization can be adjusted to the needs of your own company by the specialized ITCS team, experts in SoftOne solutions, and specialized developers.

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Form Builder

With drag &drop mode and full sync with the mobile application, the FSM Edition Form Builder is the easiest and fastest way to create your own forms and send them directly to the user's mobile application.

Using the Form Builder FSM Edition in combination with the mobile application you can:

>> Create an unlimited number of custom forms with the drag &drop function by selecting from a wide list of fields (multiple choice, dropdown, text, instructions, etc.)

>> Assign your forms to specific customers, facilities, users, or services so that they appear according to the options in the mobile app. In this way, you can meet the specific needs of your customers and provide fully personalized services.

>> Show instructions to your users and documents using a pdf file in your forms.

>> Manage all your forms from the administrative dashboard

Task Manager

Facilt Task Manager is a built-in module that allows you to successfully manage and organize your tasks in a user-friendly environment.

You can add, edit, and remove tasks, add statuses and priorities, and set up completion time to have full control of overdue tasks and completion statistics.

A complete overview of analytics and information about your tasks will help you better understand the needs and progress of your work. You can easily print your tasks in pdf or send a task by email to your staff.

And what's more, you can get your staff's responses to their tasks and sync with your Facilt Mobile app or SoftOne ERP in real time.